The Environment

Athas and the world of Dark Sun is very different from the standard Forgotten Realms Setting. The world has been left dry and barren after an apocolyptic arcane war. Travelling about is a much greater challenge and there are two specific rules relating to this:

Survival Days

A Survival Day is the equivilant of the food and drink needed to survive one days travel. Whenever you set out you must ensure that you have sufficient supplies to survive the trip. Should you run short of supplies before making back into the safety of a city and are unable to forage for food then the following will apply:

Sun Sickness
The sun’s punishing rays leech vitality from your body.
Attack: Level + 2 vs. Fortitude at heroic tier, level + 4 vs. Fortitude at paragon tier, level + 6 vs. Fortitude at epic tier
Endurance Improve hard DC, maintain average DC, worsen average DC – 1 or less
The target is cured Initial Effect: The target loses one healing surge or hit points equal to the target’s surge value. The healing surge or hit points cannot be regained until the target is cured. The target takes a -2 penalty to all attack rolls and defenses Final Stage: The target dies

The Environment

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