A tall slender woman, quiet and eloquent.


Stats Unknown


Valendra is somewhat of an enigma to the party. At a time when each of them was searching for someway to make the journey safely from Balic to Tyr she appeared offering not only to arrange transport but to provide the equipment and rations for the journey and a sizable reward should the party courier an item for her. An offer too good to be true by any estimation. But the draw of Tyr’s new found freedom and reluctantly the heroes have put aside their misgivings and set out on her quest.


Valendra is about 6"2 and slender. She has always appeared before the adventurers swathed in rich fabric from head to toe. Obscuring her face at all times the party know only that her softly lilting voice has an inflection that puts her as a citizen of the region, but not of a town any can recognise.


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